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    1. herc-on-the-go Herc Rentals app now available
      for all Apple and Android tablets and smart phones.

      Frequently Asked Questions


      Q: Why can I not place an online reservation to start within the next 2 days?


      We want to ensure you have the best experience possible. This lead time allows our team to get your equipment ready and prepared for delivery (if requested). If you have an urgent request or need equipment within the next 48 hours, please contact your local Herc Rentals’ Representative or call 888-777-2700.

      Q: How can I find the closest servicing location?


      You can visit our Locations page by clicking here and search by Address, City, and/or Zip/Postal Code.

      Q: Are taxes, delivery, Rentals Protection Plan (RPP) and other ancillary charges included in the quoted rates?


      Taxes and additional costs and/or fees, such as refueling, RPP, and delivery are NOT included in the rates shown on HercRentals.com. These charges are extra, when applicable. All terms and conditions of the Herc Rentals contract will apply, please review them carefully at the time of rental.

      Q: How do I open a credit account?


      Opening a credit account can be beneficial to your business. It doesn't cost a thing and provides you the opportunity to request equipment at a moment’s notice. You can easily apply online through our secure e-APPLY credit application. For more information on opening a credit account click here.

      ProControl Access

      Q: How do I find out if my company has a ProControl account?


      Please contact your local Herc Rentals’ Representative or call our Customer Care team at 800-654-6659.

      Q: How do I register for a ProControl account?


      Creating a ProControl account is easy. To sign up click here. If you have a credit account with Herc Rentals already, you’ll need your account number to link it to your new ProControl account. If you have any issues during enrollment, please reach out to your local Herc Rentals’ Representative or call our Customer Care team at 800-654-6659.

      Herc Rentals Support

      We are here to assist you

      If you would like to speak directly to a Herc Rentals Representative, please call: 888-777-2700

      You can also email us at

      [email protected]